Are you using a Facebook personal page as a business page?  If you are you may lose access to it soon unless you act quickly and convert it to a “Fan Page” aka business page. Read on to learn more!

Many people who are new to Facebook or don’t quite understand how business pages work incorrectly setup a facebook personal page to represent this business.  There are advantages and disadvantages to doing this.


  • It’s easy to get people to like your page by sending a friend request.


  • Doing this violates the Facebook Terms of Service and if they notice you are using a personal page to represent a business they will remove your page and you will lose access to it.
  • You have to login as a different user to update your business posts
  • You don’t get to use all the cool website widgets that Facebook provides for business pages.

If you’re using a personal page to represent a business you are probably not realizing that it just isn’t worth it to lose your page and all your fans.  I have good news for you thought…It’s possible to convert your Facebook personal page to a business page and convert all your “friends” to “likes”.

For more details check out this article on Facebook or if you want to dive right in use this link to convert your personal profile to a business page.