Happy New Year

With the New Year upon us now is the perfect opportunity to start the year off right and improve the online visibility of your business website. Here are 10 suggestions to improve your website and help your business prosper in 2014.
  1. Update the content on your website at least once a month. Adding a blog and creating articles regularly is a great way to accomplish this.
  2. Review your website content to make sure it’s accurate. If the services your business provides has changed it’s possible your website isn’t up to date. This is a great opportunity to add important keywords to your website content.
  3. Make sure your business has a facebook page and update it regularly.
  4. Get other sites to link to your website. Be careful when doing this so you don’t incur a Google Penguin penalty.
  5. If you have a local business with a physical location create local business pages on Google, Bing, Yahoo, Superpages.com, Yelp.com, etc. This will improve the visibility of your website in the local search results. Use getlisted.org to review your local business listings.
  6. Make sure your web design looks professional and gives your business a credible image online. If you’re embarrassed by your business website contact a professional web design company.
  7. Make sure your website is easy to navigate and understand. Browse your website and make believe you are a customer looking for your services.
  8. View your website on a smartphone and tablet (like the iPad). Make sure your website is easy to view and navigate. More and more people are using iPads as their only way of browsing online so it’s important your website works well on these devices. If your website is difficult to use on a mobile device contact a mobile website design company
  9. Get business reviews online. It’s important to get positive reviews on Google and Yelp to give your business credibility and improve the local rankings of your website.
  10. Google your business name online once a month. Do the search results create a good impression of your business? Are the results positive?  Contact an online reputation management company to resolve any issues.

Make these changes to your website in 2014 and we guarantee your business website visibility will improve and you will get more business from your website.